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I can provide a DJ show for seniors for dancing or DJ + Live (I sing some or all of the time) or as a combo with a live pianist or guitarist.

I also can provide a complete Christian band or small Christian combo group for senior events.

Prices are very, very low and based on ability to pay.

It is one way I can put a smile on our seniors faces.  After all, we would not be here without them!

Songlist - of songs that I sing live to recorded tracks:  by type of music   by artist    by title  
(female singer available to add to the show also)

Locations Performed

Video Clip: CLICK THE VIDEO BELOW to play


Audio Clips DEMO (11 minutes about 50 songs all styles)

Recent customer comments: (Walker Plaza in Anoka, Minnesota)


Songlist of DJ songs    (over 40,000 songs from 1940 to current)
Oldies only     2000-2008 all types of music    2000-2008 pop/dance songs     Latest Songs found here